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About Live Auctions

Whenever possible, the best way to experience a Thomaston Place auction is to attend live. We pride ourselves as being a teaching auction company, and every auction is not just a chance to bid and win wonderful items, but an educational event. Learn more About Us.

Each feature auction is preceded with up to a week of public preview time. This means that you can come to our gallery and see the entire offering in person. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there to assist you in examining any of the items that you are interested in before you bid. That’s right, pull out the drawers, turn items upside down to see the under side, black light the paintings, measure, feel it, smell it, and ask questions so that you know exactly what you are bidding on.

When the auction starts, the excitement begins! Each item will cross the auction block in the order that they appear in the catalog. You will hear the auctioneer describe each item, and whenever practical, give some history as to its significance and where the item came from. You will be able to observe bids coming from other live bidders on the floor, the phones, and online. We guarantee that you will be inspired. Have no fear though, we do not respond to head scratches or ear tugs, when you are ready to bid on your items, raise your paddle and bid with confidence.

How To Bid In A Live Auction

We are excited to have you join our upcoming auction! Here’s a quick guide on how you can participate in the bidding process:

Register By Email: Complete the registration form, then either scan or take a photo of it and email it back to us. Alternatively, you can call us at 207-354-8141 to provide the necessary information over the phone.

Phone Bidding: Choose your desired lots and specify your highest bid amount. During the live auction, we will call you just before your item is up for bid, allowing you to bid in real-time through one of our staff members acting as your proxy.

Absentee Bidding: If you can’t attend the live auction, our staff will bid on your behalf based on your provided preferences.

In-Person Visits: You are also welcome to visit the Gallery in person during the auction dates to experience the event firsthand and get assistance with your bids. Visiting us during the auction preview to register will save time on the day of the action and ensure you are registered and approved well in advance.

Registration Form
Download and complete the form to register.

Please Note: The buyer's premium for bids placed through the front desk is 20%.All registration forms must be received no later than noon on the day preceding the auction. Bid forms received the day of the auction MAY NOT BE PROCESSED.

Online Bidding:

Creating an Account: Visit this page to create a new account.

Registration: Follow the steps to set up your account. We will process your registration within a few days and email you with your initial bid approval amount.

Placing a Bid: Log in to your account, explore the auction, select the item you wish to bid on, click “Leave Bid,” and complete the bid details.

Please Note: The buyer's premium for online bids is 25%, which includes the cost of the


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