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March 1, 2022

Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year once more! The birds are singing, the snow is – mostly – melting, the air is warming, and all those dust bunnies are coming out of your living room burrows.

Maybe that’s too literal, but it is time for spring cleaning! While you begin the process of spring cleaning, dusting the shelves, reorganizing the kitchen, beating the rugs, you may find that perhaps you have far too many silver items to clean, or that your collection of miniature paintings are becoming a bit much in your study. But what to do with these items?

The first and major step is to refresh your environment! This is an opportunity for you to get organized, clean out all the cracks and crevices of your home, and reassess what items in your home are actually worth keeping or if they are just some ‘stuff’ you acquired that has no meaning.

Like Marie Kondo famously said, if it sparks joy, keep it, but if it no longer sparks joy, then give it a new home.

While we certainly don’t have experience in house cleaning or the KonMari Method, we do offer something close to that. When you have too much stuff on your hands, we can help you minimize your home so you only have the furniture and decor you want to keep.

How else can Thomaston Place assist you with your spring cleaning?

Perhaps you’re not really planning to downsize your entire home, but you do have items you no longer want, and maybe you could earn a little cash on the side.

That’s where consignments can help you. Whether you visit us on Free Appraisal Day or have our experts make a house call, you can consign your items after learning its value, and if your items sell well in future auctions, you could earn some rainy day funds thanks to your spring cleaning efforts!

Besides these top-of-the-line services we provide, you could even be in a position where you don’t want to sell, consign or give away your items at all. You could even be coming to one of our auctions looking for extra storage!

We’ve auctioned off many storage items, and will continue to do so far into the future; from dressers to desks, to jewelry boxes and bookshelves. All your vintage, antique storage needs could easily be met here, with a click of a button or with a bidding card raised!

If you’re looking for something to display your glass figurines on (or what you may have), you could find a unit like this Elizabethan Joint Court Cupboard, which sold for $5,000 in our 2021 Autumn Majestic auction.

Or, if you’re looking for something more contemporary and modern, we always have items like that as well. Like this Danish Modern Rosewood Credenza, which sold in our Splendor 2021 auction for $2,750!

And in cases where you just need a little bit of extra space for your fabulous collection of earrings or brooches, we always have a jewelry box here and there sprinkled in an auction, like this trio, which sold in our 2021 Jewelry & Couture auction at $225.

Now, if you’re not looking for extra storage space this season, but just some vintage bins, brushes or washboards, either to spice up your garden shed or studio, we always have items like this up for auction as well.

For example, this set of Four Shaker Natural Brushes, which sold at $4,000 in our 2021 Temptations auction, can easily clean off a layer of dust on your table surfaces.

If you’re not looking for brushes, but trying to find tools to clean out the soot and cold ash from your fireplace, then look no further than fenders and fireplace tools, like this Brass Fireplace Fender with Tools, which sold for $275 in our 2021 Autumn Majestic auction.

Or, if you’re too busy or strongly dislike partaking in spring cleaning, but at least want to prepare your living room for your mother’s unexpected visit, prevent her anticipated lecture by simply sweeping all messes under a fabulous rug, like this 19th Century Persian Farahan Rug!

Now, if you’re not looking for extra storage space this season, but just some vintage bins, brushes or Whichever your case is in regards to spring cleaning this year, Thomaston Place has your back!

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