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April 1, 2022

Reduce your carbon footprint with antique & vintage furniture.

In an age where we are concerned with the amount of fast fashion waste ending up in landfills, as well with our own personal carbon footprint, it comes as no surprise that furniture companies also have a hand in worldwide pollution issues.

Costs alone for brand new furniture can be intimidating for homeowners, renters, and commercial businesses alike. Based on data from, global furniture production is worth around $575 billion dollars. Of the furniture making up this total, you can imagine the vast amounts of plastics, various synthetics… and trees.

Comfort really does come at a cost. Over 9 billion PVC plastics have been produced globally so far, and we have only just started 2022, and with today’s manufacturing state, chemicals are introduced to prevent wear and age, but at the cost of adding cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, vinyl acetates and more.

How can we go about avoiding the risks of expanding our own personal carbon footprints, yet enjoy the shopping experience and design choices of our home?

There are plenty of options for those with a tighter budget and wishing to stay clear of the looming IKEA and Walmart companies.

Thrifting is the most popular and common way for consumers to find gently used but well-built furniture. The best part of thrifting isn’t only the inexpensive prices, it’s also the journey to finding that one dresser or dining table that meets your eye, and you immediately think, “Perfect.”

Thrifting also brings the opportunity to refurbish any furniture found on your journey, which can not only improve the aesthetic of your home, but also the worth of the item as well. With a good polish or a new, pristine paint color, you can turn a boring beige set of kitchen chairs into a sleek country-style with a more befitting color, like deep teal or a burnt orange.

While yard sales and the like are also an option for finding furniture, you’re most likely going to find smaller items at these neighborhood events. But the next best option for sustainable furniture shopping is through auction houses.

At auction houses, you will find more valuable items that appeals to both collectors and interior designers alike. Not only that but those who are interested the items they purchase always have a story to tell, whether it came from an estate out in New York, or was passed down through multiple generations as a wedding gift. You’ll always guarantee an honest value to the item, and for those who have a bit of a competitive streak, bidding can get your blood going!

Rather than ordering an entire set of living room furniture from IKEA, made from cheap materials that won’t last you longer than a few years, you’re better off finding more reliable furniture both at auction houses and credible second-hand stores. We would always promote auction houses firsthand, as is our business to do so, but we also understand that there are many out there with different income circumstances, and where clients don’t want to spend highly on bidding, then added shipping costs, buyer’s premiums and ecommerce taxes, second hand stores will always be the safety net of antique communities.

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