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Building upon our reputation of handling our customers’ most valued assets with success, Thomaston Place Auction Galleries now offers Real Estate Auctions. Partnering with Newcastle Realty, a locally owned and operated company with 30 years of experience, we have combined the best of auction marketing methods with participation from the conventional real estate community to bring the maximum exposure to a property.

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Upfront Preparation: Your property deserves a sales approach that highlights its special benefits and unique characteristics. All important details and research are completed and integrated into sales materials before the auction is promoted. These materials anticipate and answer prospective buyers’ questions.

Competitive Bidding: The auction approach consists of real time competitive bidding by multiple interested parties to establish a market value for your property. The sense of urgency created in auction situations can often enhance the final price achieved.

Pre-Determined Timing: With the auction approach, your property will be marketed and sold on a pre-determined timeline that includes set dates for showings, the auction, and the closing. This timeline is generally much shorter than that of a conventional real estate sale.

Sale Without Contingencies: Upfront preparation includes conducting all necessary inspections and due diligence, and auction bidders are required to have financing arranged in advance of the sale. Therefore, the auction buyer’s final bid is without contingencies that could cancel or cause a re-negotiation of the sale. 

Seller Control: You, as seller, can set a reserve price at reasonable market value. We make every attempt to meet or exceed your expectations. However, if the bidding falls short of the reserve, you will have final say to accept or reject what is on the table.


1.  First Meeting:   We will first meet with you to gather important details:

  • Review the current status of the real estate market your local area
  • Ascertain your particular situation and expectations
  • Determine key attributes and benefits of your property

2.  Proposal:  You will receive a step-by-step proposal which will identify how we intend to promote and sell your property, which includes:

  • Property analysis:  This is a complete assessment of all of the attributes that make your property unique, highlighting the items that are not taken into consideration in a general comparable analysis process (i.e. quality of construction, waterfront location, historic, etc.).
  • Budget, including projected costs of necessary inspections/tests and marketing expenses
  • Marketing strategies and program, including publicity and media plans, internet visibility, direct marketing activities, printed materials, and signage
  • Timeline, from auction preparation to closing

3.  Auction Preparation:  Upon receipt of a signed contract, Thomaston Place Auction Galleries and Newcastle Square Realty will execute each line item identified in the proposal, develop property information materials to ensure that all potential bidders’ questions are answered before they ask, develop plans for showing your property, execute the marketing plan, and make preparations for sale day.

4.  Auction Day:  On auction day, bids will be accepted from properly registered bidders who are present or participating by absentee, telephone, or online internet bidding platforms. 

To further open the pool of bidders for your property, buyer broker compensation is available to any real estate agent who is representing potential buyers for your property.

Upon conclusion of the auction, the successful bidder will enter into a purchase and sale agreement for your property.

5.  The Closing:  The closing will be scheduled within 30 days of the auction date.

John D. Bottero
AARE, CAI, GPPA, ME Auc Lic. # AUC 1237
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
Dennis Hilton
Newcastle Realty, ME Auc Lic. # AUC 1615
Dennis Hilton, Newcastle Realty


Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
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Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
PO Box 300
Thomaston, Maine 04861
51 Atlantic Hwy
Thomaston, ME 04861
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