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Furniture Fit for a Queen

The 18th century version of contemporary furniture, Queen Anne style, was artisan’s and craftsmen’s attempt to appeal to the consumer at the turn of the century. Its predecessor, William and […]

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A Brief History of Chinese Blue & White Ceramics

Layers of the iron rich cobalt blue were used to create a variety of shades resulting in a striking contrast between porcelain and pigment. Some artists mix in differing tones […]

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Bling's Anatomy - What is in a Stone's Cut?

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a peaceful and warm holiday season, as well as a relaxing New Year’s Day. In this post, we will discuss the types […]

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Top Glass Art Terms Every Collector Should Know

We’ve come to another segment of collector guides for our blog, and just in time to wrap up the 2023 year! We’ve covered Japanese antiques, general fine art, pottery, jewelry, […]

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Repatriation: A Collector's Guide to History, Ethics, and Giving Back

This October holds an important observance day, Indigenous People’s Day. With the history this day brings, it would be a good time to reflect how we as an auction gallery […]

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Bling's Anatomy - Structure of Jewelry

When it comes to high-end jewelry, auction houses are the best sources to go to. Beyond the glitter and grandeur of these events lies a language all its own — […]

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Types of Pottery Every Collector Should Know

Pottery is a timeless collectible and art form that has continuously prospered since the dawn of human civilization. It comes as no surprise that it still holds an iron grip […]

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HISTORY TALK: We Like to Watch!

That got me thinking. As a member of our small but mighty Marketing Department, why not use our megaphones to share our favorite historical and artful content creators? Education is […]

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Top Terms Every Beginning Art Collector Should Know

Congratulations! You just started your private collection of art, or you are an eager artist/art enthusiast yourself, wanting to expand your knowledge. At Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, we’ve seen many […]

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Our Favorite Gemstones & Jewelry

As Marilyn Monroe used to sing, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” However, at Thomaston Place, anything that glitters and shines has our attention! Some of us also collect crystals […]

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Buying at Auction: A Great Opportunity for Acquiring Rare and Distinctive Items

Imagine an event that offers entertainment value plus learning opportunities, and admission is free.  Attending an auction is often an enjoyable and interesting experience, and as a result, these events […]

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Consider a Professional Evaluation Before you Take Action!

We often hear stories of people who have purchased things at yard sales that turn out to be worth thousands of dollars.  This is great news for the new owners, […]

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