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June 1, 2022

What is Light Academia?

We always see a multitude of trends come and go, but recently, these trends have taken on a new name. Or at least, a new style.

            If you’re not frequently on social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Tumblr, you’ve probably never heard of how younger generations have created new forms of aesthetics.

            In this specific use, aesthetics now can be applied to someone’s clothing style, interior space, personal assets or even just their personality and tastes alone.

            Some frequently popular aesthetics currently trending globally include cottagecore, dark boho (bohemian), witchcore, and probably the most popular: light and dark academia.

            This already sounds like a collection of hullabaloo, words that don’t really make sense. Let’s start at the beginning.

            In today’s media and vocab, aesthetics are compiled by individuals who mix together a specific color theory, fabric prints, textures, fashion styles, music, and even philosophies to create their new image, or ‘aesthetic.’ These aesthetics often derive from self-expression that’s hard to find in today’s global market. Clothing departments aren’t always quick enough to catch onto the rapidly changing aesthetics of today’s generation, and certainly not furniture stores, antique emporiums or auction houses.

            However, that’s where the ingenuity of today’s generation comes in, to scrounge around the market to create their own aesthetic.

            We’re not going to focus on explaining how these aesthetics are created and the whole philosophy behind them, there’s a Wiki page for that and it’s a whole different topic. However, here at Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, if someone invested in the Academia aesthetic stumbles into our gallery, they can easily find something that appeals to their interests!

            How is Light Academia defined?

            Light Academia, explained by the Aesthetics Wiki page, says it involves an “an interest in literature, music, art, history, and learning. Light Academia visuals, literary inspirations, and philosophical themes are generally Eurocentric and classicist.”

            This aesthetic originated recently, sometime around the 2010s.

            Light Academia focuses on optimism, sensitivity, joy, gratitude, friendship, motivation, and happy endings, often originating from classical romantic literature.

            The color scheme of this aesthetic consists of beige, cream, light brown, white, plaid, dim shades. Sounds like a boring series of colors, but when blended together with shades in consideration, it can appear very Euro-centric, and invokes a feeling of cozy university libraries, Roman sculptures, and old poetry.

            Some recognizable pop culture that fits into this aesthetic includes books and movies like “Pride & Prejudice,” “Dead Poets Society,” “Little Women” and artists like Chopin, Claude DeBussy, Frank Sinatra, Lana Del Rey and Billie Holiday.

            Does this sound like your kind of aesthetic? Need to decorate or redefine your interior choices to fit the Light Academia world? Thomaston Place is the best place to look for such things! (And for its alter ego, Dark Academia).

If you’re looking for a sculpture to liven up your study or living room, we recommend Romanesque or Grecian stone sculptures like this John Marriott Blashfield of Venus, which sold for $4,000 in our 2021 Splendor auction.

If you want to finish off your furnished basement or sitting area with a refined piano fit for soft classical music practice, we sold a Steinway salon piano for $7,500 in our 2021 Autumn Majestic auction.

If you’re looking for something more inexpensive but still holds value and the style you’re looking for, we also have Vintage Accents Auctions and Thomaston Light. For example, this textured print inspired by Percival Leonard Rousseu sold for $450 in our Home & Country auction, which would fit perfectly into any cozy room!

Finally, if you’re looking for a storage unit to bring together your styled bedroom or guest room, we always have bright furniture fit for any academic, like this 19th century New England chest, which sold for $300 in our Home & Country auction through Vintage Accents.

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